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The Effect Of Anger And Stress On Your Teeth
MAKALE #14344 © Yazan Dt.Güzin KIRSAÇLIOĞLU | Yayın Mart 2015 | 1,898 Okuyucu
Source: MAG, September 2014 – Year 11 – Issue: 108, pages: 244-245
Anger is a perfectly healthy and natural status, when you express it without harming yourself or the environment in any way. Yet, when your anger gets out of control and becomes destructive, there will be problems in your health.
Despite the fact that our society fails to teach us how to deal with anger, we are quite talented in creating stress in the daily lives of each other. Where there is no correct communication or empathy, stress and anger are dominant. Besides, angry women are shunned in our society, whereas men are encouraged to express their anger.
Anger and stress create unwanted sensations in your body. Emotions are energy. They need to be released. Many people eat when they are angry. There is a need to eliminate the new negative energy through grinding teeth. This is why people binge whenever possible. Foods, especially candies, consumed during such binging periods cause tooth decay.
OSHO (A famous thinker in our century) once stated that “the effect of negative emotions and thoughts on a person’s body also influences their teeth and they try to eliminate the negative energy by eating.” Yet, a warm shower has the same relaxing effect.
Louise Hay wrote that the people who suffer from tooth and gum diseases lack anger management and they are feeling a never-ending worry and indecisiveness. When we are angry or under stress, we either do or do not use a bit of food to grind or clench our teeth. The pressure we use in our sleep at night is much more greater than that we use to grind a grain of rice.
Bruksizm (diş sıkma ve gıcırdatma) toplumumuzda çok yaygın bir rahatsızlık. Dişlerde oluşturduğu olumsuzlukları ise şöyle sıralayabiliriz:
Bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth) is a predominant disease in today’s society. Some of its negative effects on our teeth are:
- Abrasion and sensitivity on teeth surfaces facing gums (hot, cold).
- Abrasion, cracks and breakages on the incisor surfaces, as well as the tips, of your teeth
- Breakages in porcelain linings and fillings,
- Cracks in teeth that have undergone root canal treatments and have a loss of matter,
- Pain in jaw joints. Bruxism even causes pain in your head and neck muscles.
In one of my patients, the clenching was so intense that they had issues with their jaws. Their ears would constantly ring. Following our consultation with the ear, nose, throat department, the ringing stopped. Being able to help them with the issue that utterly disturbed them and their family, made us genuinely happy, as well.
Grinding and clenching, as a regurgitation of your thoughts, has quite a negative effect on your teeth. Therefore, we need to find a way to get rid of the anger and the stress that cause all these negative effects on our teeth and joints; in other words, we need to come up with a way to deal with such emotions.

Sometimes, you just have to live in the moment, give importance to the moment and the moment alone, and maybe imitate children. Children live in the moment. There are children playing in between buildings in war-torn cities. As adults, though, we are always stuck in the past or the future. Our mind is constantly occupied. We need to free our mind, find new hobbies and take pleasure in living.

The best method when anger and stress are intensifying, is to breathe deeply. If your body has enough oxygen, you will not have an issue. When taking deep breaths, imagine having balloons as your lungs; have good posture, straighten your spine. Fill your lungs tight with air, such that you fill them up completely. While doing so, make sure that the air fills down to your stomach, as well. Just picture how newborn babies breathe. Their way of breathing keeps them energetic and happy. That way of breathing is what we knew by birth, but we just have to remember them. Take deep breaths and relax. Control the amount that is best for yourself. Breathing won’t kill you, but that voice in your head, telling you that you will never be able to relax is going to be a bother, so turn it down and quit listening to it. Believe me, you do have access to a life of a better quality, a happier one. Negative emotions poison your body and your soul.
As a treatment for bruxism, Botox is as efficient as wearing mouth guards in your sleep. Botox, a treatment that provides relaxation, is preferred more frequently than mouth guards. There are sufferers of bruxism who even tear into their mouth guards in their sleep; but the “mastered” muscle, the one that makes the grinding motion, is relaxed for six months following a Botox application. This way, people rule out the pressure created by an over-movement of this muscle at nights, and even in the mornings; and their teeth do not become deformed during this period.

When your teeth get deformed and shorten, they lose their ability to support your face, causing a sad face; while the sharp appearance at the tip of your teeth gives you an angrier and a sadder look. Your upper lip thins down and your lower teeth become exposed. Today, many politicians’ teeth that are visible when they speak are their lower teeth, which are abraded and straightened out due to anger and stress. Coincidence?
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